Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

December 2017

Those of the sign of Scorpio are this month best advised to remain more of a spectator than a participant. The planetary alignments are such that any forced attempts made by you to make better a situation or a relationship look likely to go awry. Take a step back this month and survey the landscape. What may look like chaos to you now will return to order soon enough. Things will not turn out quite as you have been envisioning them but you are likely to be more than pleasantly surprised at the eventual outcome. As the days progress you will be forced into making changes that you will feel very reluctant to even consider taking. But you have little choice here – accepting those changes gracefully is your best course. If you don’t then the pressure will only increase. But if you can manage to do this a light will be shone upon areas that have long remained obscure to you. This will allow you to reassess your general outlook in such a way that you will eventually see that this month of difficulty was only the birth pangs of new and positive growth. Keep this in mind and you will have a rather interesting time of it.

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