Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

December 2017

Those of the sign of Sagittarius have been concentrating on their own plans for quite some time now. Much work has been put in and things are progressing in a fairly satisfactory manner. However, something is likely to appear out of the blue this month that will drag your mind away from your personal concerns. It’s going to be pretty much up to you whether or not you involve yourself in this. You can keep your head down and carry on concentrating on your preferred path or you can take a sideways step and become immersed in something new. If you do take that sideways step you should be prepared for surprising results. You have the chance here of opening up a brand new path down which to travel which may tempt you to steer away from the course you have put so much care and effort into recently. Information is the key here so this month take your foot off the pedal and survey your situation as honestly and as clearly in your mind as you possibly can. Any changes that are about to arise are in your own hands. Choose wisely and not hastily and all will turn out well.

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