Pisces Monthly Horoscope

December 2017

This month things will begin to awry for those of the sign of Pisces and strangely you couldn’t ask for a better set of circumstances. Your role as general peacemaker is one you are good at and are admirably suited for. However, you will eventually fail this month and disagreements between parties (including with yourself) that you’ve recently been keeping together by great effort are highly likely to fall apart. But don’t despair as this will have two major benefits for you. Firstly things that have needed aired for a while will suddenly see the light of day allowing pressure to be let out of highly charged situations. The outcomes will surprise you! Secondly if you take your attention away from these you’ll be able to direct it elsewhere and this month this is exactly what you need to do. The planetary alignments are such this month that if you go back to something that you’ve been attempting to do for quite some time but not achieving the gains that you want and give it another try you’ll be amazed to find that your chances of success have greatly increased. So this month take your mind off your present worries and allow it to rest on long held dreams. Wonderful things can happen!

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