Libra Monthly Horoscope

December 2017

If you’re feeling uncertain about a particular development in your life about which you were previously very excited then this is to be expected. As you gather more information you see further and find obstacles where you once imagined a clear path. Don’t let this get you down as it’s much better to see the pitfalls lying in your path than blindly wandering into them. This path that you have chosen still needs to be trod – you will get the chance soon to change direction if you really want to but at the moment your direction seems fairly set. This month should be a time of comparing that which you imagined being the case with that which you are presently experiencing. There is a gentle lesson here which, if learnt, can save you much distress in the future. So this month don’t try to rock the boat (or even attempt to get out of it altogether). Try to see the good things for what they are and take the negatives in your stride. If you can make this balanced approach a habit then the following months will be far easier to negotiate.

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