Leo Monthly Horoscope

December 2017

This is a time for those of the sign of Leo to go gently. Recently you have achieved much, relatively speaking, and things are going smoothly for you in that what you have planned and worked for is developing in a very satisfactory manner. If you push too hard now you may miss the next turn in the road and career off into the bushes. In this way you’re now best advised to take your time, consolidate your advantage in your recent progress and spend some time in shoring up those relationships you know need more of your personal attention. If you can manage to do this then further gains are more than possible and you will be able to build on the sure foundations you put so much care into constructing. But don’t be tempted to give up what you’ve achieved just to please those around you. Rather, be generous in other areas allowing them to see that when you win you share it around. This type of behaviour can thaw cold hearts and if you can manage to do this you’ll find that support flows freely (eventually) in your direction making even greater progress assured.

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