Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

December 2017

This month should be a time of deep reflection for those of the sign of Capricorn. Having spent some considerable time and energy in wresting a promising situation out of what looked like ever deepening chaos you have achieved what many others would have failed at. Your course is now fairly set in the medium term and the head of steam that you have built up will propel your vessel further for a while without too much more intervention on your part. You now have the opportunity which has been denied to you for some months – to sit down and work out what is really important to you in this life. Your present venture is just a facet of your life and is not, as you may have been feeling recently, the entire purpose of it. Ease yourself gently back from your present fascination with it and you will be able to see the wider picture. It’s been over long since you have done this and you really do need to do this in order to avoid turning your current interest into an obsession. But if you do manage to do this you will achieve two things. Your plans will progress well and the seeds of further adventures will be sown properly and with care. This is an important month for you.

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