Cancer Monthly Horoscope

December 2017

An interesting spell of astral activity signals the advent of a turning point in your life and you are best advised to be as sober and reflective as possible during this period. Your awareness of what is occurring around you and the acquisition of information concerning the true intentions of others is crucial at this time as what you learn will influence your own actions and how you act in accordance with this will have a major influence on how the next stage of your life will develop. This month in particular should form a particularly rich seam for seeing into the minds of others as many of the other star signs will face a month of upheaval. This will cause them to say more than they normally would and also act in ways which will reveal their underlying desires and fears. So take note – you have the choice between either partying your way through the next four months or so and learning little or being alert and acquiring enough knowledge to chart your own course for some significant time to come.

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