Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

December 2017

A slightly chaotic month seems to be the order of the month for those of the sign of Aquarius. Don’t be alarmed by this though as your long term plans will not be overly affected and the general course of your life should remain true. Relationships with others are about to hit a rocky patch but you can take advantage of this by being forewarned (this is your warning) and of being as understanding and as accommodating as you can. If you can manage to do this without either being servile or being an easy pushover then your estimation amongst those around you will increase greatly. Over the next seven days, as long as you don’t panic, you will also get the chance to take a deeper and wider look at what is really important to you. If you can manage to be aware of this then it will allow you to make some minor adjustments to your course to ensure that your longer term plans become more assured. So be prepared for a bumpy ride this month but do keep in mind that these times are temporary and, if you approach them in the right frame of mind, can be of great advantage to you.

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